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Last weekend myself and Gabriel took a trip to the coast of Texas, where we stayed on a little Island called South Padre. Gabe loves to kite surf! Alas, after a long wait he could finally take his kite surfing gear out of storage and put it to use. While the winds were low, we spontaneously booked a surfing lesson at the beach on Sunday morning. Surfing was a lot of fun, but catching one wave every 20 attempts was enervating. After the lesson, we decided to rent the surf boards for the rest of the day! This was a huge mistake. HUGE. I got absolutely roasted. Damn you Texan sun! It has taken me a full week to wear trousers comfortably and evolve from walking like Quazimoto. But I would do it all again just to see Gabe kite surf :) He killed it!

It had almost been a year since I had last seen my mum and I have missed her so much. So you can imagine how happy I was to see her when she came to Texas to surprise me last week. It was just a great thing! I had absolutely no idea, no clue, no suspicion, nothing! I couldn’t believe it. Gabe had planned the whole night perfectly. The night of the surprise he took me to downtown Austin for a “date night”, which started with a few drinks in an Irish bar. During a lovely conversation Gabe starts to giggle out of context. A little confused, I begged to know what he was laughing at. At the same time I noticed the bar man holding a camera up wondering, is he taking a picture of me? (while subtly fixing my hair). Finally I turn around and see my mum sitting to my right. I gasped and my hand shot up to my mouth. Mum!!!!! Absolute tears of joy. The gasping continued when I seen my other family members appear around me. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Boston for Christmas has just been great! It snowed when myself and Gabriel arrived which is great because a white Christmas is what I had hoped for, something that I wouldn’t get in Texas. Traveling together was a great laugh and living at his home has been so much fun from building forts, decorating the apartment and cooking some great meals while dancing around in our slippers. It’s been the Christmas of my dreams!

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